Jäger Curtain Call​​: TRAAMS, Husky Loops and YOWL bring grit and guts to Jäger Curtain Call

TRAAMS, Husky Loops and YOWL bring grit and guts to Jäger Curtain Call

The tension-packed trio took to Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton.

Earlier this year, Jäger Curtain Call took over Shoreditch’s Curtain Road and transformed it into a hub of opportunity for new bands. Our new endeavour with Jägermeister saw three artists - all of whom had reached that crucial tipping point in their career - invited to head into the studio, record a new track and play a show, all on the same stretch of road.

Now that autumn is officially upon us, Jäger Curtain Call is back and on Curtain Road once again. Last month, Bellevue Days kicked things off alongside Menace Beach, and tonight TRAAMS head up a killer triple-bill at Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton.

Peckham newcomers YOWL kick off proceedings with a shrug and a spit. Taking the snotty attitude of Parquet Courts and adding some Londoner’s snark to the pot, the group tie razor-wire knots around their tales of modern-day drudgery. Leaning on mic stands and flopping about the stage with all the flamboyance of a toddler’s tantrum, their attitude-packed anthems for the disillusioned sound primed for big things.

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Husky Loops tighten things up somewhat. Looking dapper as hell, the trio’s aural assault is no less biting for their well-ironed shirts. Skittish, frantic and gut-wrenchingly fury-filled, they career about the place like their lives are on the line.

There’s a considered edge to their chaos, though - the feeling that every move is primed to hit as hard as possible, no energy left by the wayside. It’s a captivating spectacle, one that packs out Queen Of Hoxton’s basement and leaves nothing to the imagination of their ravenous hordes.

By the time headliners TRAAMS take to the stage, the place is heaving. Their motorik punk’s swept up the hearts and minds of thousands in the past few months, and they look primed for something huge. Tonight, they’re on blistering form, the masses greeting them with a charged-up performance to rival the one going on on-stage.

Frontman Stu Hopkins hops and skips about the place, stamping on his array of pedals and gazing out at the crowd like a man possessed, while the one-two rhythm section of bassist Leigh Padley and drummer Adam Stock are locked tight, egging each other on throughout.

New track ‘A House On Fire’ is the perfect evidence of how TRAAMS’ fusion of brains and brawn could propel them to huge things. Tonight, it’s somehow greeted like an old friend, despite only being a few weeks old. Try getting an explanation out of the moshers down the front, though, and you’ll only be pushed aside - they’re fully succumbed to the hypnotism of TRAAMS, and grinning like loons because of it. 

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