Jäger Curtain Call​​ Hawk Eyes complete the second round of Jäger Curtain Call

Hawk Eyes complete the second round of Jäger Curtain Call

The Leeds rockers will be taking to Curtain Road for an explosive show at The Old Blue Last next month.

Leeds alt-rockers Hawk Eyes have been confirmed as the final act to join the second round of Jäger Curtain Call, making them the sixth band to visit the studio, record a new track and play a live show all on the same road in 2016.

Earlier this year, DIY teamed up with Jägermeister for Jäger Curtain Call; a project designed to lend a hand to bands at an undeniably important point in their careers. Taking place on Curtain Road, which is home to many iconic labels, studios and venues, Jäger Curtain Call is about providing bands with the opportunity - whether that be through recording, making videos or playing gigs - to make their next step really count.

Back at the start of the year, Brighton trio Birdskulls, Nottingham thrashers Kagoule and Wales’ majestic Cut Ribbons all took part, before Bellevue Days and TRAAMS joined proceedings during the last two months. Now, Hawk Eyes have paid a visit to Strongroom Studio to lay down a new track. 

“It was good for the four of us to actually be in a studio together again for the first time in over a year,” the band’s frontman Paul Astick told us, after their visit to the Curtain Road studio. “The day was a bit of a whirlwind; trying to remember how to play the guitar was the biggest challenge for me, and I can’t speak for the rest of them. Strongroom is a really great set up though, and the team were very friendly.

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“Our biggest challenge, and it has always been our biggest challenge,” he continues, “was recording one song in one day. We normally mull things over for a while, try seventeen different amps and re-do the vocals at least once. so this was a good exercise in just getting it together in a room and seeing what could do. We put the song together about two weeks in advance and the vocals were always going to be ‘suck it and see’, as I’ve never done vocals on anything we’ve ever done until after the actual track has been laid down. I just can’t get my head into it unless I can hear the whole thing, which is a bit annoying for Rob and Ryan and John!”

Watch the full video of Hawk Eyes’ time in the studio below.

That’s not where the fun ends: they’ll be debuting their new track when they play a very intimate show at The Old Blue Last on 17th December. Tickets for the show are on sale now via TicketWeb and cost just £7. They’re also set to be joined by a very special guest, but we’ll have more information on them later this month…

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