Sponsored Josh Ludlow talks life and love of music in TOPMAN Private Views

Josh Ludlow talks life and love of music in TOPMAN Private Views

In the TOPMAN LTD film, the musician and photographer opens up about music being his “therapy.”

Having already revealed a look at three of their new collections, TOPMAN have returned with another glimpse into their latest Private Labels line, TOPMAN LTD. This time, though, it’s with musician and photographer Josh Ludlow at the forefront. 

As part of the latest clip from TOPMAN’s Private Views series - a four-part series which explores the brand’s new Private Labels - the DJ and producer delves into just how important music is to him. “Music’s not even a choice at this point,” he narrates, whilst sat in the midst of a photography studio, loading film into one of his many cameras. ”It’s like something I have to do; it’s my therapy, if you will.”

“I used to walk to school when I was about eight years old,” he remembers, opening up about his musical beginnings, ”and there was a red bass guitar in the shops that I used to pass, and I thought it looked amazing, so I think I persuaded my parents to buy me a bass. It wasn’t that one, but it started me off. Then my brother needed someone to play drums in his band, so I taught myself the drums. It was a Metallica covers band, we played our first gig in a church with the priest in the moshpit and everything.”

“Even when I was drumming in bands I was making music with computers,” he continues, explaining how he found himself turning to production. ”I’ve been releasing drum and bass under the name Squash since I was about 16, so almost ten years now as a sort of hobby really. It got to the point where the drumming was taking up too much time and I wanted to do my own thing, which is what I’m doing now,” he admits. ”I’m doing albums with other people, none of which have been released yet. These things take time and I don’t want to do anything half-baked so I’m just kind of slaving away in my studio at the moment.”

For Ludlow, that impulse to make music is almost as simple as the pieces from the TOPMAN LTD collection itself. Inspired by the modern, minimalist and clean approach of Scandinavia, TOPMAN LTD is also about premium quality and brilliant craftsmanship; a facet that feeds directly into Ludlow’s own inspiration when it comes to making music.

“When I watch a good DJ play, or a band,” he explains in the clip, “I just wanna get out of there and run to the studio as quickly as possible.”

Watch the latest instalment of TOPMAN’s Private Views series below.

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To find out more about TOPMAN LTD and shop the collection click here.

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