Fair enough: James Franco’s band Daddy release Smiths-inspired ‘Let Me Get What I Want’ album and film

James Franco’s band Daddy have released Smiths-inspired ‘Let Me Get What I Want’ album and film

The Smiths’ original bassist Andy Rourke plays on the record too. Plenty going on here, then.

Right, where to start with this one? James Franco has a band. They’re called Daddy. They’re inspired by the Smiths, and they’ve released their debut album, which comes accompanied by a short film for each track, which all combine to make one big super-film. Capiche? 

‘Let Me Get What I Want’, the album in question, was co-created by Franco and multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Keefe, and also features The Smiths’ original bassist Andy Rourke on each track. He announced it all the way back in 2014, so it’s fair to say he’s taken his time.

Stream the album below via Spotify, and check out the accompanying film below that as a YouTube playlist. What a Thanksgiving treat.

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