Sponsored Smirnoff & THUMP fight off boundaries with Nadia Tehran

Smirnoff & THUMP fight off boundaries with Nadia Tehran

The Iranian artist opens up her world in the new Open House film series.

For so many people, music is the great equaliser. Through its power, we find ourselves able to fit in, feel accepted, feel whole. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, music can help us to find our place in the world; that’s a sentiment shared within Smirnoff & THUMP’s new Open House series and by musician Nadia Tehran.

“I always felt borderless. Iran and Sweden felt like home to me, but at the same time, I’m always a stranger,” Tehran begins, pacing a set of quiet streets, with headphones on. Within moment, however, she’s opening up her world for all to see and she shows off a much different picture.

Much like Smirnoff & THUMP’s new mantra, Tehran is truly open. In their new film, she proves herself as an artist that’s able to bring together all manner of cultures through her music, creating a truly accepting environment for people from any sort of background.

“It’s not about how you look, it’s an energy,” she continues, narrating the clip. “It’s got no borders, it’s really beautiful. It’s a much more fun life to be an open person.” Get a glimpse into her amazing world below.

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To celebrate the idea of openness and acceptance, Smirnoff & THUMP are heading to Peckham, South London for their very own Open House show. Featuring performances from both Mala & Silkie – two incredibly different artists who both grew from the same musical roots – the show is set to take place at Bussey Building’s CLF Arts Café on Thursday 1st December.

To be in with a chance of attending, simply head here to RSVP. Check out the event’s Facebook page here for more information.

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