Have You Heard? Bonobo - Break Apart (ft. Rhye)

Bonobo - Break Apart (ft. Rhye)

A smooth customer with smart tricks up its sleeve, ‘Break Apart’ finds Simon Green added new sides to his signature.

As the years have stretched out, Simon Green aka Bonobo has been determined to apply his trademark - rich orchestration, clattering percussion and tightly-wound electronics - to new territory. By title alone, new album ‘Migration’ suggestions he’s looking to explore places outside of his comfort zone. And ‘Break Apart’, a collaboration with Rhye’s Mike Milosh, is like hearing the fabric of 2010 breakthrough ‘Black Sands’ smoothed out into a velvety, luscious wanderer, a stranger of its former self.

In the day job, Milosh’s own work with Rhye is all Sade-nodding, steamed-up R&B. Here, he finds himself the solitary voice in a smoky, ever-evolving haze. ‘Break Apart’ is a deceptively smart, complex beast, but it takes a while to evolve from smooth customer to something worth revisiting. But there’s a great deal of depth here - and going by everything lifted from ‘Migration’ so far, that’s a new trick Bonobo can add to his signature.

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