Have You Heard? MUNA - I Know A Place

MUNA - I Know A Place

On the surface, this is euphoric pop. Dig a little deeper, though, and this is about belonging in the face of violence and hatred.

Slick pop trio MUNA have been making a fair few big waves from Los Angeles as of late; the infectious ‘Loudspeaker’ in particular blaring forth like a no-messing statement of early intent. Gaudier than a quick run through a glittery blizzard, while coated top to toe in PVA, ‘I Know A Place’ is a slice of loud, proud celebration; urging everyone towards the dancefloor “where everyone’s gonna lay down their weapons”.

MUNA first started penning the song as a new anthem for the LGBT community, and quickly, writing spiralled, and the idea grew. At first glance it’s euphoric pop; but typically, there’s a darker undertone, and as well as channelling victory, there’s violence here too. 

“They will try to make you unhappy; don’t let them,” urge MUNA underneath deceptively chipper, pounding, Haim-esque beats, “they will try to tell you you’re not free; don’t listen.I know a place where you don’t need protection, even if it’s only in my imagination.” Rallying together with ‘I Know A Place,’ and leading the world’s outsiders towards neon clubs for glasses of cheap wine, and a sense of belonging, there’s politics to this pop alright.

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