Reel dream: Cosima drops new ‘South of Heaven’ mixtape film

Cosima drops new ‘South of Heaven’ mixtape film

The mixtape was originally released at the beginning of the month.

After dropping ‘South of Heaven’ at the beginning of the month, Cosima has now unveiled a visual version of her debut mixtape.

With her singles ‘Had To Feel Something’, ‘Girls Who Get Ready’ and ‘Hymns For Him’, Cosima showed that she has a bit of a knack for piecing together complex narratives in the space of three minutes, so perhaps it’s little surprise she’s taken a step into filmmaking.

The visual mixtape, which features four brand new tracks, is broken up into small segments representing each song. While you might think that leads to a bit of a choppy, jumbled experience, the overall haziness and darkened tone of the 28-minute film means it works as a whole, as we explore different aspects of urban nightlife with Cosima.

In a statement accompanying the new film, Cosima herself said: “I consider myself very lucky as I am allowed to frame myself in a world where women/artists don’t always get to. I learn more with each video I direct because I get to work with teams of people who are passionate and incredible at what they do.”

She continued: “A few weeks ago I was going through the Hymns For Him footage before it went into edit, when it struck me that I have all this beautiful footage but can only ever use about 3minutes of it. I couldn’t leave it on the cutting room floor so I decided to create a visual mixtape with old and new footage. I hope you enjoy it.”
Watch the whole of ‘South of Heaven’ below.

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