The starshipper: Christine and The Queens‘Chaleur Humaine’ was the biggest selling debut of 2016

Christine and The Queens’ ‘Chaleur Humaine’ was the biggest selling debut of 2016

It’s yet another chart-topping moment for Héloïse ​Letissier​.

Many times in 2016, the year seemed dominated by Christine and The Queens. From her year-long telly-box takeover, to a rightly-lauded set at Glastonbury (all the more poignant in the aftermath of the European referendum result) Héloïse Letissier stood out as one of the year’s brightest new superstars, and now she’s ticked off yet another box on her sheet of chart-topping moments.

Christine and The Queens’ debut album ’Chaleur Humaine’ - which came out in the UK last year - has now been crowned the biggest selling debut album of 2016. The French musician’s new claim to fame comes on top of a gold certification, and a mighty ten weeks in the top ten of the UK’s album charts. 

Not bad at all.

Read our interview with Christine and The Queens here, and read our verdict on ‘Chaleur Humaine’ while you’re at it. 

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