Reptilia: Cloud Nothings learn to be human in their ‘Internal World’ video

Cloud Nothings learn to be human in their ‘Internal World’ video

The clip comes courtesy of the Reptile Assimilation Board.

Back in November, Cloud Nothings unleashed their latest fuzz-rock anthem ‘Internal World’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Life Without Sound’, which is due on 27th January.

Now it’s got a new video, courtesy of the good lizards at the Reptile Assimilation Board. They’ve got a bunch of tips on how to be the best human you possibly can, through just a few easy steps. Learn the best way to brush your teeth, regulate your body temperature using even flesh rotation, and moisturise regularly by applying a generous dose of Flesh Cream (probably available at a supermarket near you).

After these steps are complete, all you need to know is how to interact properly with humans and that you should always cook your meat before eating it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a functioning person in no time. And remember: don’t dwell on your former life as a reptile. That just wouldn’t do.

Watch the video for ‘Internal World’ below and make sure you take notes.

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