Heating up Spoon have revealed details of their new album ‘Hot Thoughts’

Spoon have revealed details of their new album ‘Hot Thoughts’

They revealed the release date during an interview with SiriusXM Volume.

Well, it’s official: Spoon really are releasing a new album this year, and it’s coming sooner than we might have expected.

After teasing us with mysterious images on social media late last year, they revealed some much-needed detail about their new LP on American radio station SiriusXM Volume’s ‘Debatable’ programme. On it, one of the hosts revealed the title ‘Hot Thoughts’, which nobody in the band disputed. It’s the same name as a song they recently played at a secret show in Austin, where they played a handful of brand new tracks that might be appearing on the album.

One of the band members also claimed that the album would be out on 17th March, although they weren’t entirely sure of the exact date. They agreed that it’d be sometime in March though, which if you look at your calendar is actually not that far off! Don’t be getting too hot under the collar about these dramatic revelations, now…

Watch ‘Inside Out’ from their last album, 2014’s ‘They Want My Soul’, below.

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