Sponsored Levi’s & Skepta team up to bring creativity to his North London home

Levi’s & Skepta team up to bring creativity to his North London home

As part of the Levi’s Music Project, the Tottenham star is developing a community youth space.

If one name has dominated music over the past eighteen months, it’s Skepta. Throughout 2016, he went from strength to strength; a leader for the grime movement content with putting the genre back on the map and then some.

Yet, while he may have played at Glastonbury and won the Mercury Prize in the space of just a few months, that’s nothing in comparison to his new project working alongside Levi’s. Together, they’re building a new community youth facility in the heart of where he grew up, Tottenham.

“It’s nice to come back now and show the kids who are still in the mindset that I was in years ago,” offers up the ‘Konnichiwa’ star, in a documentary clip detailing his new project, ”that you can still become successful.” 

Having kicked off the project with an appearance at the V&A Museum - as part of their ’YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? RECORDS AND REBELS 1966-70’ exhibition - Skepta’s focus is now on creating a recording studio which will be available to the surrounding North London community. ”They need the guidance right now,” he admits in the clip.

See the full journey of Levi’s Music Project - featuring appearances from Skepta himself, 17 year old Nina Hudson and many of the other youths that have been encouraged so far - below.

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