Premiere: Mountain Bike freewheel into action with ‘This Lonely Place’

Mountain Bike freewheel into action with ‘This Lonely Place’

We’re premiering the new single from the Belgian garage outfit.

Belgium is fairly famous for a few things: nice fancy chocolates, waffles, Brussels sprouts, mosselen met friet… and now, garage rock. Mountain Bike - who hail from Brussels, and have loads of links to a bunch of other bands across the capital - released their debut album ‘I Lost My Hopes (in Paradise)’ via Humpty Dumpty Records, and now they’re freewheeling into action with the follow-up.

As you do, Mountain Bike casually set up shop in a renovated 17th century barn to record their new album ’About Too Sorry For Any Sorrow’ after spending two years on the road. Their second record comes out on March 3rd.

We’re dead chuffed to have the first play of Mountain Bike’s new single ‘This Lonely Place’ - a foot-scuffing, hook-drenched slab of nonchalance that’s one part Mac DeMarco to four parts dusted up, cobweb-matted garage.

Have a listen below.

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