Watch: Aquilo get emotional in their new ‘Silhouette’ video

Aquilo get emotional in their new ‘Silhouette’ video

It’s the latest instalment of their ‘Silhouettes’ video trilogy.

On the last episode of Aquilo’s ‘Silhouettes’ trilogy: a young woman training to ice skate for Team GB fell in love with a young footballer. Who just happened to have been trained by her dad. He thinks their relationship is getting in the way of her dreams. Gasp! Cue the ‘EastEnders’ theme song…

Luckily the Lancashire duo are back with the second part of the video trilogy to build on a few details about these characters we’ll no doubt come to know and love. The clip for the tender ‘Silhouette’ focuses more on parents, with a mum taking her little girl going for her first ice skate.

The limelight shifting to our protagonist’s dad. Turns out he’s not such a bad guy and has got a heart after all, as he gets all misty-eyed at a ballroom dancing class. It’s a little bit of a tear-jerker.

Watch the ‘Silhouette’ video below.

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