Have You Heard? Pillow Person – On Your Way

Pillow Person – On Your Way

The former Hot Chip drummer’s latest is a slightly sinister dancefloor filler.

“Facial recognition software is here to stay,” says Sarah Jones. “It appears that once you are targeted, neither sunglasses nor facial hair can protect you.” This idea underpins her latest track as Pillow Person, ‘On Your Way,’ where she repeatedly sings “you’re not invisible” until the mantra morphs from seeming strangely innocent into something much more sinister.

On the surface, the music is the complete opposite, a lightweight blend of bubblegum pop and house, with stabbing beats, nagging electronic melodies and chopped, skewed and pitch-shifted vocals. Listen a bit harder though, and it’s a tune that gradually ramps itself over time by adding new sounds and lyrics to catch you off guard and add just that little bit more intrigue. Some of the ideas might not be a million miles away from her work with Hot Chip and NZCA Lines, but with ‘On Your Way’ Jones has still taken a bold step towards making thought-provoking club bangers.

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