On the radar: Noga Erez is releasing her debut album ‘Off The Radar’ in June

The Tel Aviv singer and producer has also shared a new video for ‘Pity’.

Tel Aviv singer and producer Noga Erez stepped out last year with debut single ‘Dance While You Shoot’ and now she’s announced plans to release her debut album.

‘Off The Radar’ will be out on 2nd June via City Slang and promises to combine slick pop and dance with thoughtful lyrics and a political undercurrent. As Noga says herself, “have this idea of giving people moments of thought and inspiration, and at the same time offering escapism and fun.” See the tracklisting for ‘Off The Radar’ below.

1. Balkada
2. Dance While You Shoot
3. Toy
4. Instruction
5. Pity
6. Quiet One
7. Worth None
8. Global Fear
9. Hit U
10. Off The Radar
11. Side Effect
12. Muezzin
13. Noisy
14. a hit Is A Hit
15. Junior

Noga has also shared the album’s new single, ‘Pity’. The political pop banger is again accompanied by another stylish video from Zhang + Knight.  

In a statement, she said that the track was inspired by a sexual assault case. “What made it even more alarming and upsetting for me was the fact that it was documented by several different people who were there when it happened” she said. “People stood by and willingly chose to film on their smartphones and then upload the videos and share them online. The presence of cameras and the violation of the victim’s rights and respect was completely disregarded beyond measure.”

Watch the video for ‘Pity’ below.

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