Call me: Everyone and their dog features on the new Blondie album

Everyone and their dog features on the new Blondie album

Charli XCX, Sia, Blood Orange, Johnny Marr, Joan Jett (DEEP BREATH), Nick Valensi, Dave Sitek… the list goes on.

Debbie Harry-fronted legends Blondie have confirmed their 11th studio album ‘Pollinator’. It features everyone in music (well, pretty much) as a guest collaborator, and production comes from John Congleton (St Vincent, Swans).

The record features… [deep breath] Blood Orange, Johnny Marr, Laurie Anderson, Charli XCX, Sia, Joan Jett, TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, and Nick Valensi of The Strokes. Bloody heck.

 In a statement about the new album - out on 5th May - Debbie Harry said: “quoting Emma Goldman, ‘If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution.’ In these trying times we need some fun,’ adding, ‘“we’re very serious about fun.”

Accordingly, the first single from ’Pollinator’ is titled ‘Fun’. Listen to the track - which features TV On the Radio’s Dave Sitek - below.

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