Watch: Watch the trailer for Sampha’s ‘Process’ film

Watch the trailer for Sampha’s ‘Process’ film

The album came out today, but he’s shared a sneak peek of the tie-in movie.

Today Sampha has literally just released his debut album ‘Process’, but he’s now also got a tie-in film in the works.

The movie – also called ‘Process’ – will be made by director Kahlil Joseph, who also worked on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ film. It’s set to come out sometime in March through Apple Music.

Sampha has also shared the trailer for the film via Twitter, which is soundtracked by ‘Plastic 100°’ from the album itself, saying: “From Morden, to Freetown, Sierra Leone”. If from that little piece of information you guessed that this would be a whirlwind journey of discovery, you’d be right. The clip features weddings, family gatherings, dancing in the street, gigs, and a variety of unique locations, including Sampha himself hanging around stark concrete structures.

Watch the trailer for the ‘Process’ film below. Read our review of ‘Process’ (the album) here.

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