Watch: Laura Marling has a new self-directed video for ‘Next Time’

Laura Marling has a new self-directed video for ‘Next Time’

The intimate clip is the second in the series of three self-produced clips from Laura.

After sharing her directorial debut in the form of ‘Soothing’, Laura Marling has shared the second of three videos she’s producing for her upcoming album ‘Semper Femina’.

The new clip accompanies the intimate track ‘Next Time’. While the track initially seems like a lighter acoustic number, but eventually blossoms into a lushly orchestrated meditation that continues the loose lyrical theme of feminine exploration and discovery running through ‘Semper Femina.’

Laura’s clip follows a woman as she moves around her own bedroom in a flowing white dress, drawing circles around herself and moving in time to the music. Over time the editing becomes more jagged, and the woman’s movements more dramatic as the strings ramp up. Eventually she flees to the beach and another unknown, red-headed woman, who may well represent the “muse” that Laura sheds light on throughout the album.

Watch the video for ‘Next Time’ below.

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