Live Review Estrons, The Crofters Rights, Bristol 16th February 2017

Estrons, The Crofters Rights, Bristol

Loud, fierce and dominant.

There’s little warning as Estrons’ set starts with a crashing sound of noise, rattling the foundations of the back room of the pub they’re playing in. It sets the tone for the remainder of the set – loud, fierce and dominant. Frontwoman Tali Källström takes a moment to apologise to the crowd for not being her usual self due to a broken toe, still her performance is nothing short of intense, getting up in the face of fans at the front. Her attempt at getting the crowd to move is obvious - but fails as most of the sold-out crowd are standing clutching to their beers, to which she responds with a big “fuck you”. Fortunately, this only improves Tali’s attitude.

The band play through some new tracks which hold potential, but it’s the old ones that shine. A crowd request of ‘Belfast’ is a favourite which is performed with the aid of a shot of some kind of spirit, which makes Tali pull a face and mouth “what the fuck was that?”. ‘Make A Man’ is a track that sounds great on record, but turns into sonic gold when played live. It feels like the set could end after this point, but the band hold out for a final few, closing with ‘Drop’, which sees the set out with distortion and feedback as the band promptly leave the stage.

Estrons have a sound that can fill out a 200 capacity venue but prove to Bristol tonight that they’re bigger than that. It’s no surprise how they’ve been selling out venues on this tour. As long as they keep up these blistering live sets their future is bright. 

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Photos: Nathan McLaren-Stewart

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