SXSW 2017: “I think we’re just gonna yolo it and see what’s good” - Muncie Girls

“I think we’re just gonna yolo it and see what’s good” - Muncie Girls

Ahead of playing the DIY x TicketWeb showcase tonight, we talk all things Texas with the trio.

After releasing debut album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ at the start of last year, Exeter-via-London trio Muncie Girls hit the festival circuit hard. From The Great Escape in Brighton to Reading & Leeds, the punks are finally hitting the States. With tours alongside Taking Back Sunday and Beach Slang behind them, it looks like 2017 could be their year. With infectious, gritty singles that also tackle toxic subjects such as lad and rape culture, the band - vocalist/bassist Lande Hekt, guitarist Dean McMullen and drummer Luke Ellis - are putting a new face onto punk.

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What do you know about Austin and are you excited to do anything in particular out there?

Lande: I actually know nothing about Austin! I once heard that it was cool so that’s enough to make me excited about visiting. I think we’re just gonna yolo it and see what’s good. You can’t plan a good time. Actually you can, and you probably should! But we aren’t going to.

Are there any bands you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

There are loads of new bands playing that I haven’t heard of because I’m not very in-the-know, but I’m going to watch a bunch of them and find out who’s good. Doe, Gurr, Diet Cig, LVL UP, Girlpool, and the Spook School are all playing which is very good news! Also Elaine from Seinfeld is speaking which is VERY good news.

There’s also a film conference at SXSW - which film would you choose to play behind you whilst playing your set?

Well, the obvious choice would be ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ because “Muncie girl” is a quote from it, but given free reign I’d opt for something a little edgier. Probably ‘Brassed Off’. It would be good to have a town hall brass band playing behind an amateur rock band.

If there was one famous person who you would want to come and see your set above all others, who would it be?

After lots and lots of thought and careful consideration, I have decided it would have to be Ross Geller.

Muncie Girls play the DIY x Ticketweb SXSW showcase at the British Music Embassy on Monday 13th March. Visit for more information.