Islands in the stream: SoundCloud might be willing to sell up for $250 million

SoundCloud might be willing to sell up for $250 million

Back in 2014, the company was worth almost triple it’s reportedly pricing itself at.

The saga of who’s going to buy SoundCloud and for what price continues.

Back in January, it was reported that the streaming platform might “run out of cash” if its subscription services didn’t bring in the big bucks it needed to stay afloat. In response, the platform launched a new mid-price subscription service, and transformed its SoundCloud Go model into SoundCloud Go+.

Google have also been interested in acquiring the company for about $500 million, but according to some sources they could purchase the platform for an even lower price: $250m. To give some context, back in 2014 SoundCloud was reportedly worth around $700m, almost triple what it’s allegedly being put on the market for now. As reported by Recode, SoundCloud are apparently considering any bids “as long as they’re above the total investment it has raised to date – about $250 million.”

Well, if the reports are correct then some lucky company could acquire the streaming platform for a rock bottom price. Talk about a bargain.

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