SXSW 2017: Dream Wife: “We’re going to get kitted out with cowboy boots and hats!”

Dream Wife: “We’re going to get kitted out with cowboy boots and hats!”

Ahead of playing DIY’s Maggie Mae’s showcase in Austin, the band stop by for a chat.

London-based trio Dream Wife (that’s vocalist Rakel Mjöll, guitarist Alice Go, and bassist Bella Podpadec) find themselves in Austin off the back of DIY’s own Hello 2017 tour, which kicked off with an explosive headline date at famed boozer The Old Blue Last in mid-Jan, before hitting up similarly buzzy venues across the UK, taking along local support bands to boot. Their riotous post-punk-pop veers from the more subdued ‘Kids’, to in-your-face smash ‘F.U.U.’ via certified earworm ‘Hey Heartbreaker’.

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There are a lot of great UK bands heading to SXSW, are any already faves of yours?

During our recent DIY Hello 2017 tour we had so many incredible support bands from across the UK, however Liverpool duo Her’s really stuck in our minds and ears. Their music is really cute and danceable, we can’t wait to catch them in Texas!

How important do you think it is for UK bands to play SXSW?

To have the chance to go over to Texas and play to a new kind of crowd at such a large showcase festival is not only an incredible experience for any band but also important to the growth and development of a group. While at present the thought of going to America given recent events is quite different to what it would have been six months ago, it is still an invaluable experience and opportunity for bands to expand their experience and outreach.

What are you looking forward to most while in Austin?

We’re going to get kitted out with cowboy boots and hats! We wanna get some serious looks together to soak in the Texas vibes. Also, we’re really hoping to see some desert! In the UK there isn’t a whole lot of open space, so we’re excited to see vast dramatic landscapes!

Lots of well-known people have been spotted at SXSW before. Who’d be your dream gig attendee?

Leonardo DiCaprio, we all love him SO much, he’s a total heartthrob dream gig attendee. Alice has always had a crush on Kristen Stewart, her performance of Joan Jett in The Runaways is so on point, so she might enjoy the Dream Wife vibes. Who knows maybe Will Smith can come too, make it a party, Will could rap with us for a rendition of F.U.U. like no other.

What can the SXSW crowds expect from a Dream Wife show?

A wild ride, full of fresh material and a lotta fun!

Dream Wife play the DIY Presents SXSW showcase at Maggie Mae’s on Friday 17th March. Visit for more information.

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