SXSW 2017: The Big Moon talk heading to the wild wild West

The Big Moon talk heading to the wild wild West

Over in Texas for a hectic week of SXSW shows, the band fill us in on barbecue preferences and roller derby.

As the countdown to SXSW edges ever closer, an excitable The Big Moon are finalising their plans over a pizza. Besides debating where to stay, their main priority is crystal clear – meat acquisition.

“You should have a barbecue!” exclaims a wildly gesticulating Fern Ford, the band’s resident drummer and culinary expert. “And potato salad! They do proper brisket there, slow cooked.” Guitarist Soph Nathan, on the other hand, has West Coast fast food institutions on the brain instead, and leans in with another word of advice: “go to In N’ Out!”

“When I was in America,” starts a slightly harrowed frontwoman Jules Jackson, “I had that proper slow cooked beef thing… and it was disgusting, it tasted like eating cigarettes. I don’t know how anyone could like it.” Almost as if on cue, Soph leans in with another piece of advice, and inadvertently catches her sleeve on a candle. Slight pandemonium ensues.

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“All I know about Austin and Texas comes from the film Whip It.”

Celia Archer

“Soph, you just burnt your sleeve!” yelps a rightly concerned Celia Archer. ”Is that what the beef tasted like?,” she asks Jules. “Yeah.” Maybe avoid the slow-cooked beef, then.

“Austin is fucking lovely,” proclaims Fern, steering conversation back on route. “It’s the best bit of it. Dallas and Houston are a bit, ‘well, hey there, ma’am!’” she laughs, adopting an uncanny cowboy impersonation. “Austin’s cool.”

“All I know about Austin and Texas,” adds Celia, “comes from the film Whip It. I’ve always really wanted to go. When she goes to do roller derby that’s in Austin.” Roller derby, and meats, then. What a place it sounds.

The Big Moon’s debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’ is out on 7th April via Fiction Records.

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