Exclusive Hear HALFNOISE’s new EP ‘The Velvet Face’ in its entirety

Hear HALFNOISE’s new EP ‘The Velvet Face’ in its entirety

You can hear the follow-up to Zac Farro’s album ‘Sudden Feeling’ exclusively on DIY.

Zac Farro has been rather busy over the past eighteen months. Just last September, the HALFNOISE mastermind released his latest album ‘Sudden Feeling’ and already, the Nashville musician has returned with a new EP titled ‘The Velvet Face’. 

Building on the foundations laid with his previous full-length, Farro - who’s also spent some of the last year recording with his previous band Paramore, before officially re-joining earlier this year - has used his new five-track EP to explore the more organic side of his sound. While ‘Sudden Feeling’ threw out euphoric, sugary synth-laden highs, ‘The Velvet Face’ sees the drummer returning to the more 60s side of his influences. 

Speaking about the EP, Farro himself has said: “Not only does ‘The Velvet Face’ EP demonstrate the light heartedness of HALFNOISE,” he explains, “but I think it also encompasses my own vulnerabilities musically and artistically. I feel like this EP encompasses the feeling you get from a full LP, but filtered through only 5 songs…

“This is definitely the most important piece of music, to me personally, that I’ve ever written or worked on to-date with HALFNOISE. Not only was it special for me as an artist and writer but from my friends who played, collaborated, and shared with me in making something so special.”

The tracklisting for ‘The Velvet Face’ is as follows.

Scooby’s In the Back
French Class
As u Wave
The Velvet Face

Listen to the EP in full below.

‘The Velvet Face’ EP is out on 24th March via Congrats.

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