Premiere: Club Kuru shine on ‘Waiting At The Corner’ EP

Club Kuru shine on ‘Waiting At The Corner’ EP

The new collection comes out tomorrow (31st March) and we’ve got an early listen.

Following their thrashing, fully-formed last single ‘Tonight’, London five-piece Club Kuru, fronted by Laurie Erskine, are releasing their new EP ‘Waiting At The Corner’ tomorrow (31st March).

The five track collection is helmed by first single ‘Giving In’, a stop-start trip that explores every element of psych and dream-pop, with glorious results.

Joined by slick, dream-like opener ‘Not For Me’ and quieter, more contemplative newie ‘Ribbons’, the new release is a far cry from the producer’s insular early work, and this blossoming into a fully-fledged outfit, both live and on record, is one to treasure.

Listen to ‘Waiting At The Corner’ ahead of its release, below.

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