Have You Heard? Maybird – Keep In Line

Maybird – Keep In Line

The New Yorkers utilise an unlikely source of inspiration to ground their latest timeless psych-pop single.

Listening to the psych-pop overtones and languid vocals of ‘Keep In Line,’ the latest Patrick Carney-produced single from New Yorkers Maybird, you’d probably be surprised to learn where some of the initial inspiration for the tune came from. Zoned out one day in on his Brooklyn roof, Maybird founder Josh Netsky began to notice the repetitive beeping noise of a construction vehicle, and something clicked.

Taking on board the sound, Josh started to build the track around these bursts of noise, which can be heard bubbling underneath the squalls of guitars and fuzzy, lo-fi percussion. What results is a track that often toes the line between pure psych-pop euphoria and a sense of frustration and restlessness, something that also feeds into the lyrics. As Josh himself notes: “The lyrics ended up being about a feeling of restlessness when someone you’re used to having around is out being productive and you’re not, but wish you were… that’s what was going on with me at the time. There’s some pretty clear relationship lingo in here, but a lot of this song is also about the desire to travel and make music.”

Like Josh was, if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, this contemporary-yet-timeless number might just help you to keep moving on.

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