Live Review Creeper, Electric Ballroom, London 30th March 2017

Creeper, Electric Ballroom, London

The band play their biggest headline show to date, a week after the release of their debut album.

“The first time we ever played London, it was at a place called The Old Blue Last, and you sold it out!” Creeper frontman Will Gould exclaims half way through the band’s biggest headline show to date, before going on to recount every time the band have played in the capital, with each a complete sell-out.

Tonight, at Camden’s Electric Ballroom, has a completely different feel to those first shows though - every second points to a band racing towards complete stardom. The Southampton six-piece’s debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ was released less than a week ago, but its tracks are already being yelled back at Gould and co. like cast iron classics.

The punchy, hugely emotional ‘Black Rain’ bleeds into the lightning fast ‘Poison Pens’ and the venue - which Creeper could’ve sold out twice over tonight - becomes a mass of sweaty, elated bodies.

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Older cuts ‘Black Mass’ and ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ incite complete chaos, and Creeper can do absolutely no wrong tonight. On one side, it’s a triumphant performance that feels like the band’s biggest moment yet, while also simply serving as another step on their unstoppable rise - Creeper aren’t going to stop here, not nearly.

Vocalist and keys player Hannah Greenwood’s rise to becoming a pivotal member of Creeper is amplified tonight with her move to centre stage for album highlight ‘Crickets’, giving respite from the constant onslaught of crowdsurfers that the rest of the set brings and bringing a completely new dimension to the band and the set.

‘Eternity…”s bombastic, OTT final track ‘I Choose To Live’ closes the main set, and is received with a level of adoration that only the world’s biggest bands are accustom to, let alone only six days after it came into the world. This kind of dedication and hysteria follows Creeper wherever they go now though, and when they depart following an encore of first EP track ‘VCR’ and the anthemic ‘Misery’, there’s a sense in the air that Creeper are on the cusp of something really, really big. The confidence and power with which they attack their biggest show to date tonight indicates that this complete domination will come sooner rather than later, too.

Photos: Thomas Brooker