Premiere: Ulrika Spacek have a menacing new video for ‘Full of Men’

​Ulrika Spacek​ have a menacing new video for ‘Full of Men’​

A Greek telly chef - inspired by Fanny Cradock, no less - chopping up sausages? Yep, this one’s certainly a bit out there.

With their new album ‘Modern English Decoration’ out next month (2nd June, to be exact) band London Ulrika Spacek have shared a menacing new video for ’Full of Men’.

It features a disillusioned Greek TV chef chopping up phallic objects with gusto. She’s vaguely inspired by occasionally-controversial cookery figure Fanny Cradock, apparently. For those not acquainted with ‘The Gwen Troake Incident’ (honestly, Google it, it’s a wild ride) Fanny Cradock almost reduced a housewife from Devon to tears on television, by pretending to retch at all her menus, and ruining a perfectly good coffee-based dessert. She was later fired by the BBC. The scandal of it all!

“The story behind this video started with finding an old 70s Greek cookbook when I was in Athens,” explains the band’s Rhys E. ”One night for some reason Rhys W and I were watching old 70s cooking programmes on the internet with a disillusioned chef and we came across a woman called Fanny Cradock, this became one of the references for the video.”

“This song is a swipe at masculinity,and we were going to make a video quite literally full of men but we didn’t want to make something too obvious so ended up flipping the idea to play on the traditional female/housewife gender role in the setting of a cookery show, cutting up quite phallic things whilst under the male gaze of a camera man.”

There you go, then.

We’ve got the first play of Ulrika Spacek’s new video. Have a watch below, and scroll down to check out all their upcoming tour dates.

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16 Nuits Botanique, Brussels, Belgium

02 Academy, Oxford, UK w/Slowdive 
06 Rough Trade instore, Nottingham, UK
08 Rise Music instore, Bristol, UK
14 The Lexington, London UK

23 Zanne Festival, Nicolosi, Italy 

03 Kantine am Berghain, Berlin w/ The Men
04 OFF Festival, Katowice
20 Doune the Rabbit Hole, Doune, UK
27 This Must Be The Place, Leeds, UK

15 Levitation, Angers, France

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