Neu Pick: Hajk bend time in the video for ‘Not Anymore’

Hajk bend time in the video for ‘Not Anymore’

We’ve got the first look at the Norwegian band’s beautifully contemplative video as today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Hajk.

From the get-go, Norwegian quintet Hajk seemed destined to be huge. Not long after they’d set foot in the door of their rehearsal space, they were asked to play at by:Larm, Slottsfjellfestivalen and Øyafestivalen and their songs started flowing across the airwaves not too long after. The pressure was on to produce something special, and they haven’t disappointed with their debut album, a collection of completely charming indie-pop songs. They’ve even got a huge fan in Chloe Grace Moretz!

‘Not Anymore’ is one of the highlights of the LP, a lilting, gorgeously restrained number that still manages to pack an emotional punch. The band convey the sense of not wanting to give up on the idea that a relationship might work, even long after it’s over (“I don’t want you to get over me/ Don’t let me go, don’t set me free”). Even the relatively upbeat nature of the melodies just seem to add to that sense of melancholia, of being stuck in a moment in time.

Playing with that idea, the video, directed by Lars Petter Storaker, captures that sense of being in a timeless void. Images of the outside world are reflected against glass and the sun moves gradually across the room and casts long shadows. But the sense of loss continually hangs in the air, as the sun sets and the plants wilt.

Storaker said of the video: “We wanted to create a visual language that harmonized with the song. We wanted to convey the sense of time standing still and the feeling of loneliness after ending an intimate relationship. The two key words were time and distance. We shot the video as a series of living stillebens – timelapses. The movement in the video is mainly reflections of the world outside and shadows moving because of the motion of the sun.”

Watch the video for ‘Not Anymore’ exclusively below.

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