Vera much in love: Vera steps forth with ‘In And Out Of Love’

Vera steps forth with ‘In And Out Of Love’

The Copenhagen producer’s new track is a supremely confident, shapeshifting beast.

You may well have heard some great electro-pop tunes coming out of Copenhagen lately from the likes of Liss, Off Bloom and Goss, but ever wondered who might be behind that magic? Wonder no more.

Vera has been responsible for producing and co-writing tunes for many of the Danish city’s hottest emerging talents, and now he’s stepped up himself by releasing a brand new track under his own VeraLovesUUU label.

‘In And Out Of Love’ makes one heck of a statement in under three minutes. Featuring floaty R&B vocals that drift across warped synths and tricky beats that seem to bend and transform after every bar, it’s a tune that swells with the confidence of a producer who’s fully in control of their sound while still showing restraint. There’s something new to be found on every repeated listen, makes itself distinct from Vera’s work alongside other musicians, and even contains a juicy saxophone solo to boot. What more could you want?

Listen to ‘In And Out Of Love’ below.

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