Have You Heard? Harry Styles – Kiwi

Harry Styles – Kiwi

A hip-swingin’ foray into bluesy rock’n’roll.

To anyone whose passing knowledge of Harry Styles boasts little more than ‘the curly-haired kid from the X Factor’ and an occasional drunken singalong to ‘Best Song Ever’, ‘Kiwi’ will be a jump into the deepest of deep ends. There’s a point during the track - the heaviest on our H’s newly-released self-titled debut - where the guitars are more akin to Queens of the Stone Age than anything Simon Cowell’s swiped his mucky mitts across.

Screaming, yelping and sniffing (ahem) his way through, from the barely-sensical chorus howls “I’m having your baby / it’s none of your business” to the Jack White-esque stripped-back bridge, ‘Kiwi’ is pure hip-swingin’ bluesy rock ‘n roll. And those who’ve paid more than a smidgen of attention to lil’ Hazza in the past few years will find no surprise at all in that.

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