For your viewing pleasure: Willie J Healey unveils the video for ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’

Willie J Healey unveils the video for ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’

The new clip accompanies a track that’s complete with an epic drum solo!

After airing new track ‘Greys’ a few months back, Willie J Healey is back with another brilliant slice of lo-fi alt-rock in the form of ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’, which Willie says was “written a while ago, and recorded at my house. I’ve always wanted to have a song with a drum solo in it.” Yep, it’s definitely got one of those in it, alongside Willie’s usual sparkling wordplay.

The new track has got a typically bonkers but brilliant video to go with it too. So, let’s join our host Geoffrey Goddall for another edition of ‘For Your Viewing Pleasure’. As he finishes off his introductions, we’re presented with an image of Willie as a cowboy in the countryside standing in front of a blank picture frame. As you do.

Turns out Willie and Geoffrey are kind of on a little bit of a road trip through the country, checking out the fields with the top down on their car (Willie sings a bit at Geoff too, and he doesn’t look impressed by it). Eventually they check out some wind turbines and they end up soaring through the sky.

Watch the video for ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ below.

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