Royal return: Flying Lotus samples Queen on new track ‘Night Grows Pale’

Flying Lotus samples Queen on new track ‘Night Grows Pale’

Freddie Mercury singing ‘White Queen (As It Began)’ is a prominent feature.

Hold on to your hats, because Flying Lotus is back, and he’s packing a heavyweight sample!

Returning from filming his debut feature movie ‘Kuso’ and collaborating extensively with Thundercat on his latest album ‘Drunk’, FlyLo returned yesterday with a remix of Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from ‘Twin Peaks’. He’s obviously in a bit of a caring and sharing mood, as he’s now unveiled wan original cut, ‘Night Grows Pale’.

It’s a dreamy cut that features some of FlyLo’s signature motifs (a bit of thudding, complex bass, snapping, jazzy percussion). If the artwork didn’t give it away though, there’s a particularly defining feature present: Freddie Mercury. The track prominently features a sample of Freddie’s vocals from ‘White Queen (As It Began)’, taken from ‘Queen II’.

Listen to ‘Night Grows Pale’ below.

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