The Great Escape 2017: Introducing our Pier Pressure newspaper with Slaves

Introducing our Pier Pressure newspaper with Slaves

Pick up a copy down in Brighton at this year’s Great Escape.

On the Thursday night of this year’s Great Escape in Brighton (18th May), Slaves are taking over the pier for an evening of madness for their inaugural Pier Party, bringing along a host of bands, DJs and more, whilst the band will play on the Horror Hotel itself.

So, without further ado, introducing our Pier Pressure newspaper! We’ve produced a jam-packed piece especially for the event, in which we took Slaves down onto Brighton Pier to get an early glimpse into the chaos that’s set to ensue.

“I can’t wait to smash festivals,” enthuses drummer Isaac Holman, when the subject of festival season rears its head. “I’m so excited. It’s just like anything goes and you never really know what’s gonna happen,” he laughs. 

“There are lots of surprises. We always said we really wanted to play main stages in the dark and we’re gonna get a chance to do that this summer.” “I like the challenge of doing big shows and I like being pushed to change and adapt to get across what we do,” continues the band’s guitarist Laurie Vincent. “Headlining main stages is something we’re doing for the first time, which is quite crazy.”

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We also discovered just why the band invited the other bands on the line-up - namely returning heroes Superfood and Hull punks LIFE (oh LIFE, ooooh LIFE), who’ll be playing at Horatio’s as part of the DIY x Dr. Martens takeover - and got behind the decks with DJ Dave Holman (yep, that’s Isaac Slaves’ Dad), who’s set to spin tunes alongside the likes of Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice. What a night this is gonna be, eh.

DIY’s Pier Pressure will be available to pick up in person down at this year’s Great Escape, and can be read online below.

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