Feast on this: Gothic Tropic is now streaming new album ‘Fast Or Feast’

Gothic Tropic is now streaming new album ‘Fast Or Feast’

The psych-pop collection is officially out on Friday, and features the single ‘Your Soul’.

Guitarist Cecilia Della Peruti, who goes under the ace name Gothic Tropic, is set to release her new album ‘Fast or Feast’ this Friday (19th May).

But if you can’t wait to chow down, then don’t worry! Cecilia is now streaming the album in full! Premiered via She Shreds, the album is chock full of psych-pop gems that explore themes of empowerment and how inner strength can be found despite being in times of vulnerability. It features the recently-aired track ‘Your Soul’, which examined Cecilia’s time as a teenager within Los Angeles’ underbelly.

Speaking of the album’s title in particular, Cecilia said: “I felt it personified the extreme conditions of the writing and recording process, as well as where I’m at in my life. The chances of becoming homeless or renting a jet are somehow equal, with no middle ground”. Speaking further of the writing conditions, she stated that these gave her the “sense of freedom to create a wide variety of music, while all belonging to the same family”.

Listen to ‘Fast or Feast’ below.

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Gothic Tropic will play The Great Escape (18th-20th May), where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit diymag.com/presents for more information.

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