Neu Pick: Redwood speed through emo and math on ‘Night Garden’

Redwood speed through emo and math on ‘Night Garden’

The new single from the Berkshire five-piece is today’s Neu Pick.

Berkshire emo five-piece Redwood released their second EP, the excellent ‘Blood Moon’, at the end of last year. It’s getting a long-awaited vinyl release in July, with some added bonus tracks to boot.

Today’s Neu Pick comes in the form of one of these tracks, ‘Night Garden’. Channeling the best of ‘Blood Moon’ - a record full of adapted, spliced up takes on midwestern emo, math and emotion-heavy indie rock - the single showcases piercing, fragile vocals and another slice of invigorated emo from a genre that rarely sounds this fresh in 2017.

‘Blood Moon’ gets its vinyl release via DIY label Blindreader Records in early July. The release is limited to 300 copies, and features ‘Night Garden’, another new bonus track, and a fold out lyric sheet. 

Pre-order the new AA-side here and listen to ‘Night Garden’ below.

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