Screen queen: Carrie Brownstein is set to direct ‘Fairy Godmother’

Carrie Brownstein is set to direct ‘Fairy Godmother’

It’s set to be a comedy reimagining of a classic fairy tale.

Considering she stars and co-writes the comedy ‘Portlandia’ and directed episodes of ‘Idiotsitter’ and ‘Casual’, perhaps it was only a matter of time before Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein made the leap to the big screen.

Instead of being front of the camera though, she’ll be in charge of directing a brand new film called ‘Fairy Godmother’. As reported by Deadline, her first foray into taking the reins of a silver screen production will be produced by Helen Estabrook (who also produced intense jazz-drumming drama ‘Whiplash’). It’ll centre on a Fairy Godmother named Faye, who is hired by teenager Kenzie to help her find true love. Unfortunately, Prince Charming happens to fall for Faye instead. Typical, eh?

Last year, Carrie directed a short film starring Kim Gordon called ‘The Realest Real’, made for fashion house KENZO, which parodied the social media era.

Revisit Sleater-Kinney’s ‘No Cities To Love’ below. Read our cover feature with the band from back in 2015 here.

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