Heir apparent: Local Natives team up with Nico Segal on ‘The Only Heirs’

Local Natives team up with Nico Segal on ‘The Only Heirs’

The new track is being released as a limited edition 7” single.

Last year, Local Native released their album ‘Sunlit Youth’, which saw the band evolving assuredly.

Now they’ve released a brand new track, which will be issued as a special limited edition 7”. For the shimmering new tune ‘The Only Heirs’, they’ve teamed up with Nico Segal, formerly known as Donnie Trumpet (sometimes Chance the Rapper collaborator).

The new single will be released alongside another new track, which Local Natives recently aired. Kind of. A bit like how a new song of theirs would only air if you voted in the American election last year, ‘I Saw You Close Your Eyes’ could only be heard if the listener turned on their webcam and, yep, closed their eyes. Seems like Local Natives are carving a bit of a niche for themselves as the band who like to come up with innovative, if a little bit odd, ways of releasing music…

Listen to ‘The Only Heirs’ below.

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