Watch: Oh Wonder’s video for ‘Heavy’ is a beautifully crafted collage

Oh Wonder’s video for ‘Heavy’ is a beautifully crafted collage

A lot of photographs went into the making of this clip. A lot.

Know what today is? No, unfortunately it’s not quite the day that Oh Wonder release their new album ‘Ultralife’. That’s unfortunately been pushed back a bit to 14th July. Boo!

Nope, today’s the day they unleash a brand new single on to the world! Hurrah! After already sharing the title track, ‘Lifetimes’ and ‘My Friends’, they’ve unveiled ‘Heavy’. The track continues to demonstrate Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht’s increasing confidence and desire to stretch their sound, resulting in another synth-pop wonder (no pun intended).

The video, which was created with the help of photographer Josh Shinner, depicts Anthony and Josephine dancing within a makeshift, colourful cube. Seems a bit boring? Yeah, it’s really not. The whole thing is depicted in a series of photographs, painstakingly pieced together to create the charming illusion of movement. How many photos did they use exactly? 2665. Yep. 2665. That must have taken a pretty long time.

Recently, we went into the studio with Anthony and Josephine to get all the scoop on ‘Ultralife’, from staying in AirBnBs to conversations about hot sauce. Catch up here.

Listen to ‘Heavy’ below.

Oh Wonder will play Sziget (9th-16th August), where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

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