Festivals: The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

Debating those denim cut-offs? Hesitating over your head wear? Never fear! Black Honey’s resident style savant Izzy B. Phillips is here to sort out all your sartorial needs.

From their very first movements – all secret identities and nostalgic, pop art imagery – Black Honey have staked a claim as the most visually arresting new band on the block. The Brighton bunch know that, in this modern world of livin’ for the ‘Gram, it’s not enough just to craft a bunch of celebratory bangers – you’ve got to stitch together the entire world they exist in too. 

Who better, then, to help curate the summer fun of your festival wardrobe? Whether you’re a hippy babe floating through Worthy Farm, a hardcore mosher heading to Download or a sun-seeker popping on the plane to Coachella, singer Izzy B. Phillips and her band of oh-so-pretty young things have got you covered. Over to you, girls…

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The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion


The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

Izzy: “Tom is channelling a Coachella look, which is more minimal with a bit more flesh on show as he’s working on his tan. We’re dealing with a sassy, maybe slightly drug-enhanced femme fatale here who’s drinking a whisky mix from a hip flask in a bag that’s matching her outfit. As you can see, we’ve gone heavy on the holographics with a little matching back pack and choker, and some really nice cheek glitter. He’s got a shredded pair of hot pants and he’s currently bare foot because he’s partied so hard in the spiritual tent that he’s lost his shoes. He has no need for them any more because he’s found his inner Coachella babe.

If I was a bird, I’d be a magpie and I’d just collect all of the things that were holographic and make a space ship out of all the things I found. Tom’s got a 90s space vibe, and the double hair bun adds a another element. That’s a little bit Harajuku, the buns – a harajuku futurismo vibe. And of course he’s sporting a #freethenipple slogan because he’s representing for girls everywhere.”


The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

Izzy: “A traditional Stevie Nicks Glastonbury look. We’ve gone heavy on the tassels, heavy on the gold and there’s a peace sign on his cheek and flowers on his floppy hat. We’ve really gone all out with vintage Glastonbury style here, with a really garish flower print. It’s a throwback look, this one. I think that if you were to pack for Glastonbury, your bag – it’s a camel pouch bag FYI, to keep on trend - should be filled with a vial of very strong rum, and then the rest of it is filled with overweight chrome accessories and tassels. No need for underwear, no need for wet wipes, just bring tassels.”


The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

Izzy: “Tommy is harnessing his inner rock goddess, sporting a classic look of acid wash hot pants, corset, 90s Slipknot T-shirt and an Axl Rose headband. I wanted to go a bit Axl Rose, a bit Courtney Love. She’s a good time girl at the festival. She gives zero fucks. She’s had a lot to drink and been up all night watching Korn, but she’s also into Thin Lizzy and something a bit more classic. 

The boa is a bit more of a glam reference – I think that end of the 70s is coming back in this season. That’s where she’s at.
A good old rock T-shirt never goes out of style.”

Izzy’s tips

The Black Honey guide to Festival Fashion

Izzy: “For a festival, my number one priority is to not wear any trousers that go near the mud. I would also not recommend wearing flip flops. I think it’s all about leather jackets and some heavy wearing Dr. Martens that will keep you from the mud while still looking glamorous. Layering textures with band T-shirts and acid wash.

Festival attire should be as eccentric as possible. Channel your inner diva, as it’s a really good opportunity to reach your eccentric climax. Don’t give a fuck what other people think and be your true self.”

Taken from the DIY Festival Guide 2017, out now. Buy a copy below.

Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett

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