Watch: Bedouine takes to the garden in the video for ‘One of These Days’

Bedouine takes to the garden in the video for ‘One of These Days’

The optimistic tune is the latest from Azniv Korkejian’s self-titled debut album.

Azniv Korkejian, aka Bedouine, recently released her stunner of a track ‘Solitary Daughter’ and, with her self-titled debut album coming out on 23rd June via Spacebomb Records, she’s shared another cut from the LP.

‘One of These Days’ is a lilting, positive number with a slight country twang, which might be Azniv’s brightest moment to date. In it, she reflects hopefully on the desire to speak the same language as someone else, or just feel close enough to them to both be loved. Its video, directed by Tom Salvaggio, is a bit of a misty-eyed vision with Azniv playing the tune surrounded by flowers in a garden. With a slightly vintage haze, the optimism of the track shines through in the sunny locale and her own jolly demeanour.

Talking about the track and video, Bedouine said: “I had borrowed my friend’s ‘84 Blazer and taken it to the narrow streets of downtown Los Angeles to run an errand. The steering was loose and it felt like navigating a cruise ship down a canal. He had JJ Cale’s Naturally in the stereo as long as he had the truck, as if it came with it. I was somewhat familiar but it was then I noticed how JJ Cale turned a phrase on the drop of a dime. He’d sing a phrase that sounded like a complete thought, then all of a sudden move the punctuation over to add a tag. That’s what inspired the phrase ‘get it, and get it right’.”

Watch the video for ‘One of These Days’ below.

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