Cover lovers: Watch Middle Kids cover Crowded House

Watch Middle Kids cover Crowded House

They tackled ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ for Triple J.

Guests on Triple J have to be prepared to bring out an epic cover for their ‘Like A Version’ segment, and recently it’s given us the joy of seeing Alex Lahey scuzz up Natalie Imbruglia’s hit ‘Torn’.

Recently, it was fellow Aussies Middle Kids’ turn to take the challenge. With their buoyant alt-rock sound, recently shown on their single ‘Old River’, you might have expected them to do a bit of a beefy, lo-fi cover, but instead they stripped it back a bit. The song they chose to play? Crowded House’s 1986 hit ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’. It’s a tough job taking on a bona fide classic, but by keeping things minimal instead of trying to make it too rocky, the trio really brought out its tender heart.

Watch Middle Kids cover ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ for Triple J below.

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