Monkey business: Gorillaz unveil new track ‘Sleeping Powder’

Gorillaz unveil new track ‘Sleeping Powder’

The brand new track comes not long after the release of ‘Humanz’.

Gorillaz’ latest album ‘Humanz’ was packed to the rafters with bangers, and yet Damon Albarn and his animated posse still have a few tracks that didn’t quite make the cut.

‘Sleeping Powder’ is one of them, and don’t let that name fool you – when have Gorillaz ever sent anyone to sleep? So while it may start out as 2D just sitting down alone at the harpsichord and acoustic guitar, giving us a bit of a contemplative ballad, but it soon morphs into a big old dance number.

There’s also an accompanying video, which kicks off with a famous anti-drug PSA featuring a fried egg. That’s your brain on drugs apparently, but this video is your brain on Gorillaz.

Watch the video for ‘Sleeping Powder’ below.

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