Light it up: Public Service Broadcasting share new video for ‘They Gave Me A Lamp’

Public Service Broadcasting share new video for ‘They Gave Me A Lamp’

It was shot in a former mine in south east England.

With their new album ‘Every Valley’ out on 7th July, Public Service Broadcasting recently revealed new track ‘They Gave Me A Lamp’, which features Haiku Salut.

Speaking of the track at the time, the band’s J Willgoose Esq. said: “When I was doing the research for this album, one of the stories that leapt out at me most obviously was of the role of women’s support groups in the strike. It seemed like a genuine political awakening for a whole generation of women, who suddenly came to realise both their potential and the power they had to shape the society they were part of; I really wanted to try to do their movement justice”.

‘They Gave Me A Lamp’ now has a new video and it contains, yep, lamps. It was shot in south east England in a former mine and uses VHS footage of the Welsh Valleys mining community, which was provided by the South Wales Miners’ Library.

Directors Brain Wash explain: “The camera acts as a wandering spirit floating through darkness and light, as we capture a solemn but powerful performance building to a triumphant, hopeful crescendo”.

Watch the video for ‘They Gave Me A Lamp’ below.

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