Neu Pick: Holy Oysters weave uplifting psych-pop loops on ‘Fire Dancing’

Holy Oysters weave uplifting psych-pop loops on ‘Fire Dancing’

The Parisians’ new tune from their upcoming collection is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Holy Oysters.

After the success of their debut EP last year, Parisian psych-rockers Holy Oysters are set to releasing a new collection, ‘Egonomy’, on 8th September via Distiller Records. Recorded between frontman Max Tribèche’s own home and Greasy Records Studio in Paris, the nine tracks are set to draw influence from everywhere you can imagine (90s and 00s R&B production, indie, even found sounds of thunder and wind and Nintendo-style 16-bit bleeps) and wrap it all up into their intricate blend of psych. That melting pot is demonstrated on their latest track, ‘Fire Dancing’.

Speaking of the track, Tribèche said: “‘Fire Dancing’ is about being stuck in an endless loop, as if you’re trying to break free of something and then, in the moment you’re about to do it, going straight back to the beginning and having to start again. The lyrics in the bridge contain a note to myself, reminding me to hold on and not let go”.

That sounds kind of downbeat, doesn’t it? Well, rest assured that Holy Oysters haven’t delivered a macabre, existentialist meditation but a brilliantly upbeat cut. Propelled by soaring harmonies and Balaeric beats with warped riffs, its rhythms and melodies loop to symbolise being caught up in that seemingly never-ending trap. Listening to this summery number though, you might not want to escape its cycle at all.

Listen to ‘Fire Dancing’ below.

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