Have You Heard? Arcade Fire – Signs of Life

Arcade Fire – Signs of Life

Another storming piece of the ‘Everything Now’ puzzle.

With each new track that’s revealed from Arcade Fire’s forthcoming album, we’re offered a totally different and intriguing glimpse into ‘Everything Now’’s full - and seemingly sizeable - scope. While the record’s title track opened up with a gloriously ABBA-equse piano, before ‘Creature Comforts’ arrived in a haze of robotic synths, their newest effort is deliciously funky from off.

There’s something brilliantly retro about ‘Signs Of Life’, which comes infectiously packed with old school disco beats. Its earworm chorus wouldn’t seem all that strange on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack; in fact, if Win Butler was to start breaking into the full Tony Manero dance routine when the band air it live, no one would really bat an eyelid. ‘Signs Of Life’ may be just another piece of the puzzle that is their new full-length, but it’s a storming one at that.

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