Watch: VERA captures tension and desire in the video for ‘In And Out Of Love’

VERA captures tension and desire in the video for ‘In And Out Of Love’

The Copenhagen producer has also signed to Ultra Records.

In May, mysterious Copenhagen producer Vera – who’s produced tracks for Liss, Off Bloom and Goss – stepped forth with his first track, ‘In And Out Of Love’.

If you’d heard any of his work beforehand, the fact it made a restrained yet supremely confident statement with its floaty R&B vocals, warped synths and tricky beats was no surprise. Now Vera has just signed to Ultra Records and to celebrate, they’ve shared a new video for the track.

Following the overall narrative of the song itself, the clip captures some of the tension between two lovers as they keep falling, yep, in and out of love. Separated for much of the track as the woman paints and sits patiently while the man is confined to the back seat of a taxi, it emphasises the distance between them even as they inch ever closer together.

But even as our protagonists are united in a single apartment, seemingly by desire as the woman derobes, the man sits still in a chair and contemplates the world. There’s no loving embrace or affection shown, as they seem to be two entirely separate entities simply occupying the same space. It’s somewhat ambiguous, the lines between desire and tension blurred.

Watch the video for ‘In And Out Of Love’ below.

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