Neu Pick: red kite ponder adulthood on ‘take care of your own’

The track’s taken from the London rabble’s upcoming new album.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from red kite.

London art-rockers red kite are releasing their as-yet-unannounced new album later this year, and we’ve got the first play of its first single ‘take care of your own’.

The track is as hectic as its accompanying video, which splices together over 1500 iPhone pictures from a day out in North London, and a little bit nastier than the teddy bear’s adventure that the video becomes.

Almost feeling like a shoegaze track given a dose of adrenaline, there’s a laid back, controlled nature to ‘take care of your own’, but it’s always liable to spill over into chaos. It does in the track’s chorus, and the result is glorious.

Talking about the track, lyricist Dan Fisher says: “There’s a theme running through a lot of the first part of the new album, and that’s the strange nature of my relationships with my friends, people I’ve known since I was fifteen, and the state of arrested development we live in as adults who have spent their lives trying and failing to make it as musicians.

This song is about that dynamic, and how we weren’t able to look after one of those friends when they were in a really difficult period of their life. We tried, but we were too close and there was too much history there. We had our own lives, our own problems, and there was just too much time and distance between us all, no matter how close we once were. We all felt that guilt and that uselessness and couldn’t figure out how to make it right.

I took that situation as the starting point for this video. Originally I was going to use our guitarist as the star, but after I did some test shots with the creepy teddy bear, he just looked so perfect that I decided to use him instead. He’s fleeing from a situation and emotions he can’t deal with or understand. He’s a really fast runner.”

Listen to ‘take care of your own’ and watch its new video below.

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