Festivals: The 1975 point to the future in stunning Latitude 2017 headline set

The 1975 point to the future in stunning Latitude 2017 headline set
Photo: Phil Smithies

The ‘i like it when you sleep’ era comes to a close with a bill-topping show for the ages.

Across the tour for The 1975’s second album ‘i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’, Matty Healy and co. have become one of the most brilliant and interesting bands in the country, and indeed the world. Bringing chaos, controversy and glamour wherever he treads, the band’s leader is as unpredictable and entertaining as every rockstar dreams to be.

Tonight’s Latitude set marks the end of the two year-long tour for the album, and sees The 1975 looking firmly into the future. Down to the finite details, it looks like Healy has everything in the band’s future intricately planned out. He’s already revealed that the band’s next album will be called ‘Music For Cars’, and will come out next year.

Tonight, between songs he repeats a date: “The first of June, The 1975”. Then, he reveals that the band won’t be back on the road until October 2018. The era of ‘i like it when you sleep’ comes to a close tonight, but ‘Music For Cars’ is already fully underway.

From the second ‘Love Me’ opens the set, Healy is a livewire, flitting between flouncy and brutally sincere. He even starts a Jeremy Corbyn chant at one point - it’s consistently entertaining, never less than captivating.

‘Loving Someone’ brings an apology from Healy, preaching unity and appearing to take back some of the pretty suspect things he’s been quoted saying in the past. As well as a celebration, the set serves as an admission of his faults, and becomes a truly honest one.

Tracks from the band’s self-titled debut bring the hands-in-the-air and foot-stomping moments, while second album cuts (‘Somebody Else’, ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’) bring the introspection.

An encore of ‘If I Believe You’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘The Sound’ closes the set, and closes one of the most exciting eras of British pop music of the millenium so far. If Healy’s calculations are correct, ‘Music For Cars’ will begin in less than a year, and will see The 1975 become the biggest band in the world. They’re already one of the best.

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Photos: Phil Smithies

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